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HDB-1500R Bidet

$ 1,090.00

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Hyundai takes pride in the powerful cleansing effects on the HDBR1500 with New style and innovative design. The HDBR1S00 remote control Bidet toilet seat is the ultimate personal health and hygiene for the whole family.

Just press the wash button and the Bidet will provide a gentle stream of continuously warm aerated water that will thoroughly clean and then dry you with warm air without having to use any toilet paper leaving you feeling fresh and clean. Or, if you prefer to have more control and use the extra functions this Bidet provides, such as enema wash and pulse massage -just press the individual buttons you want to use.

Remote control keypad that can be mounted on the wall beside your toilet. Plus, very large easy to see buttons make operating this Bidet so easy for people of all ages.

Warm Water Wash
Adjustable stream of warm water is directed to the BOTTOM W or FEMININE wash at exactly the temperature you prefer for as long as you want

Air Dryer
Warm air set at the temperature you want gently dries you.

Heated Seat
3 temperature settings. Great for those cold mornings.

Soft Closing Seat and Lid
Hydraulic dampers Installed at the hinges allow the seat and lid to close softly.

Installs in just Minutes
Just replaces your existing toiet seal All parts supplied. No plumber required. Personal Settings – Each family member can press their own button and the Bidet will remember their preferred wash and dry temperature.

Automatic function during use of BIdet.

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Product Description


  • Enema washSoft but powerful water wash for added cleansing benefit
  • Continuous warm water enjoy continuous warm water throughout the wash cycle
  • Compact designfits most 1 and 2 piece toilets. height : 145mm
  • remote controlconvenient remote control provides easy user interface



Bubble Wash
Aerated water wash adds cleansing
Adjustable Nozzle Position
Users can adjust nozzle position to desire setting
Child Settings
Adjust nozzle position and water pressure for children
Pulse wash repeatedly cycles from weak strong
Seat Sensor
Seat must be engaged to activate
Nozzle moves back and forth for massage effect
Active carvon filter improves bathroom air quality
Self diagnosis function contiuously monitor operation
Learning Energy Save
Energy save function learns through weekly use patterns
Self-cleaning system keeps nozzle clean
Detatcheable Main Dody
Easy to install and to detatch
Low Noise Motor Pump
Provides constant water pressure
Remote Control
Convenient remote control provides easy user interface
User can preset and stiore the memory for control setting

BIDET Specifications

BIDET Specifications

General Power Supply AC 220V / 50Hz
Power Consumption 1670W
Power Cord Length 1.8m
Water Pressure 0.75 ~ 7.5Kgf/cm 2
Round Dimension (W x D x H) 406 x 470 x 145
Elongated Dimension (W x D x H) 406 x 528 x 145
Weight 4.6kg
Water Feed Method Directly Connected to Water Pipe
Operating Water Temperature 3 – 30°C
Operating Ambient Temperature 3 – 40°C
Wash Power Consumption 1600W
Wash Volume 0.8L / min.
Bidet Volume 0.8L / min.
Enema Volume 0.7L / min.
Nozzle Position Control 5 Steps
Water Pressure Control 5 Steps
Water Temp. Control 4 Steps (Room temp. ~ 38°C)
Water Feed Method Directly Connected to Water Pipe
Dry Power Consumption 250W
Dry Temp. Control 5 Steps
Safety Device Bimetal, Fuse
Heated Seat Power Consumption 55W
Seat Temp. Control 4 Steps
Saftey Device Temp, Sensor, Fuse
Seat Sensor Body Sensor
Temp. Control Room Temp. ~ 42°C