Coway BA-13B Bidet

$ 1,890.00

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The BA-13A is Coway's Premium Digital Round Bidet toilet seat and is the Winner Design Award. The BA 13 has subtle curves and soft lines that will make an attractive addition to your bathroom. Enjoy the benefits of Coway's technologically advanced design and safety monitoring system.

The cutting-edge instant heating system is energy efficient and will give you warm water as long as you like. Now that's worth smiling about. That means no water tank and no wasted energy!

The BA-13 is the only Bidet to have Twin Stainless Steel Nozzles; this will resist soiling thereby reducing or eliminating baderial growth.

The Coway Bidet's attradive outward appearance hides a powerful unit delivering uncompromising hygienic power and efficiency. 'Requires installation and power point.

BA-13B only
Silver oxide anti-baderial nozzle cleaning with Automatic Deodorization and 3 Step wide spray.

Created to keep everything clean
Even before you use your electric Bidet, your mind feels cleaner and at ease with the knowledge that the best personal hygiene technologoy available is at work for you.

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