Coway BA-12 Bidet

$ 300.00

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  • Air+ function
  • Easy installation
  • Twin nozzle for hygienic
  • Sophisticated design

Coway's natural water Bidet Operates without electricity using only your household water pressure. The most economical-environmentally friendly Bidet available on the market today.
Installs in just minutes Just replaces your existing toilet seat. All parts supplied. No plumber required.

Air + Function
The washing water of Coway BA-12 is aerated and is 30% cleansing bubbles of various sizes from 1 Oum to 0.1 um so that even minute contaminants can be washed away. When the bubbles are mixed with the washing water, it makes the water current soft and thick with an increased cleansing effect caused by the bursting bubbles.

Easy Installation
Coway's BA 12 does not need complex electrical wire connections so anyone can install it easily. Also, the joint of the toilet bowl and the Bidet can be adjusted by a universal bracket to enable trouble free installation.

Sophisticated design
Ergonomically designed seat, flower patter on control and convenient jog-dialer controller.

Twin nozzles for hyienic Washing
The anal cleansing nozzle and female Bidet nozzle are separated for a more hygienic operation. Now the cleansing effect and ability to remove foreign materials is now 40% better than our previous designs.

Provide clean water using MF Filter
Prevent secondary contamination on the delicate part caused by polluted water.

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