Coway BA-07 Bidet

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Coway's Bidet technology sets the standard. Enjoy the benefits of (oway's technologically advanced design and safety monitoring system.

BA07 features latest wide spray technology. Allows you to change the cleaning water stream to 3 different widths for ultimate cleaning.

  • Installs in just minutes Just replaces your existing toilet seat. All parts supplied.No plumber required.
  • Heated seat 3 temperature settings. Great for those cold momings.
  • Instant warm water wash Adjustable stream of warm water at the temperature you prefer and for as long as you want.
  • Air dryer Warm air set at the temperature you want genHy dries you.
  • Soft closing seat and lid Hydraulic dampers installed at the hinges allow the seat and lid to close softly. 
  • Adjust wide wash stream Water spray can be adjusted to very wide for your comfort. Bottom wash only. 
  • Twin nozzles system Has separate rear cleansing and ladies wash nozzles for enchanced hygiene. 
  • Nano sliver ceramic filter Uses the latest technology. Ensures the water you wash with is cleaner than the water you drink
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